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Fluoride for Upper Lachlan water?

Source: Crookwell Gazette | January 9th, 2008
Location: Australia

UPPER Lachlan Shire Councillors at the recent meeting at Gunning voiced their support for the addition of fluoride to the Shire’s reticulated water supplies.

These are located at Crookwell, Taralga, Gunning and Dalton.

A representative of the NSW Department of Health, Ms Shanti Sivaneswaran, gave a presentation to Council on the benefits to derive from fluoride.

The principal benefit was to dental health, which in turn led to improved general health.

Ms Sivaneswaran gave statistics of the impressive improvements, particularly in children, in dental health following the introduction of fluoride into water supplies in many areas of the State.

She pointed out that all the capital cities except Brisbane had fluoridated water, and Brisbane would introduce it in the near future.

Cr. John Coombs commented that it was “madness” that fluoridation of water supplies had not been made mandatory by government, as had immunisation.

Cr. Bill mArtin agreed, but pointed out there had been massive opposition to the proposal at Crookwell in the 1980s.

Cr. Sandra Bill said similar opposition had arisen against chlorination, but this had been carried out by order of the State Government.

Cr. Martin: “I heartily support it.”

Mayor Cr. John Shaw, in thanking Ms Sivaneswaran for her presentation, said she had received a very positive outcome from the Council.