Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Free New Zealand (FFNZ) rejects NZDA propaganda

Source: Press Release: Fluoride Free New Zealand | October 14th, 2015
Location: New Zealand

Claims by David Crum, CEO of the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) are incorrect and designed to mislead the public ahead of the Thames referendum on water fluoridation, says FFNZ spokesperson Mary Byrne.

Mr.Crum accused those opposed to fluoridation of having “outdated, poorly informed and inaccurately biased views”, and cites the 2014 Royal Society Review as supporting his position.

In fact the latest highly respected international reviews, such as the 2015 Cochrane Review suggest that water fluoridation is of questionable benefit in fighting tooth decay, and may cause harm to health in many people, with over 40% of people in fluoridated communities displaying dental fluorosis, an obvious sign of fluoride toxicity.

The NZDA ignores compelling recent evidence from leading universities in the US and UK linking water fluoridation to thyroid disease and neurological development defects, among other problems.

FFNZ views are advised by an international team of renowned scientists, researchers, academics and clinicians who have an in depth knowledge of fluoridation issues.

It is disappointing that NZDA representatives like Mr Crum avoid public discussion of the science with such people, yet attempt to influence public opinion with misinformation.

Ms Byrne further suggests it would be useful if fluoridationists were more transparent to the public about conflicts of interest when giving advice.

FFNZ suggests to the people of Thames that if they are properly advised about the lack of benefit and the potential risks to health from drinking fluoridated water, then common sense would say vote to STOP the out-dated practice of fluoridation.