A Winnipeg anti-fluoride group is holding a fundraiser Friday night as part of their fight to have the city remove fluoride from city water.

Fluoride Free Winnipeg co-founder Trevor Adams said the type of fluoride used in Winnipeg isn’t guaranteed safe.

“I’m very concerned about it because it’s in everything. All the food that’s produced, that’s mostly made with tap water. It’s in everything that you’re consuming,” said Adams.

Winnipeg has been adding fluoride to its water since 1956, but Fluoride Free Winnipeg says it can cause lowered IQ, weak bones and teeth and arthritis.

The City of Winnipeg’s website says using fluoride for prevention of dental cavities is endorsed by more than 90 professional health organizations, including Health Canada. Still, the amount of fluoride in Winnipeg water was reduced in March 2012.

Adams believes Winnipeggers should have the right to choose whether they want any fluoride in their water.

“We have to pay for the fluoride chemicals in our water, even if we don’t want it,” said Adam.

“I don’t think you should have to pay for something you don’t want and that’s affecting your health and violating your right to informed consent.”

Fluoride Free Winnipeg is holding a fundraiser Friday night to debate the safety of fluoride in water and raise awareness.