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Fluoride goes in your Carroll Boone drinking water Wednesday

Source: HarrisonDaily.com | July 14th, 2015
Location: United States, Arkansas
Industry type: Delta Dental

Harrison Public Works director Wade Phillips said he was informed Tuesday that the Carroll Boone Water District would begin adding fluoride to water beginning Wednesday, July 15.

Carroll Boone officials said they received a call from one dentist Tuesday in Harrison asking when fluoride would be added to the water.

When the dentist was told it would begin Wednesday, the dentist said she would tell her patients to stop taking their fluoride pills.

“We would like to ask that you provide a notice to your customers with the water billing advising them that the water is now fluoridated and they should consult their dentist regarding any adjustment to fluoride supplements they may be taking,” Carroll Boone officials said.

The state Legislature in 2011 passed a law requiring all water systems serving more than 5,000 customers to fluoridate water. Carroll Boone is one of the last treatment plants to begin fluoridation in the state.

Phillips told Harrison aldermen in March that Carroll Boone got a grant from Delta Dental to buy the necessary equipment. The grant contract requires Carroll Boone to fluoridate water for 10 years under possible penalty of having to pay back the grant if the contractual terms aren’t met.

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