Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride in Hamilton’s Water in Question

Source: Waikato Times | April 23rd, 2003 | By ROBERT BARRY
Location: New Zealand

Hamilton City Council will debate the fluoridation of water following a meeting between pro- and anti-fluoridation groups yesterday.

Fluoride Action Network representatives Siggy Henry, Val Sandford and Christine Cave said at a briefing for councillors that hydrofluosilic acid, a fertiliser byproduct put into the water, is a waste product and should not be used.

The group said the public should choose how they want to take their fluoride and it should not be forced upon them in the water supply.

Waikato medical officer of health Felicity Dumble said fluoridation was safe if kept at recommended levels.

Dr Dumble said oral healthcare in the Waikato had improved due to fluoridation.

Health Ministry spokesman Clive Wright said Dr Dumble had the full support of the ministry, which encouraged councils to fluoridate their water. Councillor Dave Macpherson said the workshop was called after Fluoride Action approached council last year to change their policy on fluoridation.

“We will now formally debate the issue at the Strategic Committee meeting in late June after receiving an internal report from staff,” he said. “There has been no push from councillors on this issue but they are asking more questions about it.”