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Fluoride In Sullivan Water Supply Could End Soon

Source: Sullivan Independent News | May 19th, 2015 | By James B. Bartle
Location: United States, Missouri

The more than 20 years of fluoride being added to the City of Sullivan water supply could be a thing of the past, following actions by the Sullivan City Council on Tues., May 5, during their regular meeting.

Under the City Administrator’s Report, Administrator J.T. Hardy reported that on Apr. 27, 2015, the United States Department of Health and Human Services issued a final recommendation of fluoride levels 0.07 [sic, should be 0.7] parts per million being added to public water supplies rather than the previous recommendation of 0.07 [sic, should be 0.7] -1.2 parts per million.

Hardy reported that fluoride treatment was never mandated but rather suggested and that the City of Sullivan added fluoride to city water in 1994 following recommendations at that time by local dentists.

Mayor Dennis Watz reported to the council that he has read several news articles on recent studies which indicate that it is no longer necessary to add fluoride to public water supplies for good dental health. In fact, Watz stated that a local doctor and the Water and Sewer Commissioner Kent Koch recommend removing it.

Administrator J.T. Hardy reported to the Independent News on Mon., May 11, that no nearby communities are using fluoride treatment including: Union, Washington, St. Clair, Cuba, New Haven and Paynesville.

Following several discussions on this issue, Alderman Bobby Maupin presented a motion to draft an ordinance for the City of Sullivan to repeal city code section 705.050 which would stop the addition of fluoride in the Sullivan public water supply. This motion was seconded by Alderman Mike Ryan.

Alderman Tony Wessler encouraged the public to alert the council to their feelings on this matter.

Sullivan resident James Cross, who was present for the meeting, urged the council to remove the fluoride from the water supply.

The council is expected to take action on this issue during their meeting Tues., May 19.