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Fluoride In Water Is ‘Endangering’ Children’s IQs, Judge Told

Source: Law360 | June 9th, 2020 | By Hannah Albarazi


Fluoride is a human developmental neurotoxin that lowers children’s IQ levels, a Harvard University epidemiologist warned during a California federal bench trial Tuesday, testifying on behalf of nonprofit groups
seeking to force the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban adding fluoride to 200 million Americans’ drinking water.

“The current exposure levels are way too high” when it comes to fluoride in U.S. drinking water, expert witness Dr. Philippe Grandjean testified, adding that the exposure levels are “endangering the next generation’s intelligence” and, by extension, their economic earning potential and societal contributions.

Grandjean, who specializes in the effects of neurotoxins on children’s cognitive development, testified via Zoom on behalf of Food & Water Watch Inc., Fluoride Action Network and other nonprofits and individuals suing the EPA over fluoride drinking water exposure.

… Grandjean rebuffed criticism of his research by the EPA’s trial expert Dr. Ellen Chang, an Exponent epidemiologist, who says fluoride exposure has not been linked to lower IQ results.

“She is trying to explain away our report from 2012,” Grandjean said, saying Chang’s report cannot be relied upon.

Grandjean said he’s “embarrassed” that the EPA has used Chang’s analysis.

“This is not science. This is simply a misleading report,” Grandjean testified.

“I’m sad to see what has happened to a colleague who works for a product defense firm,” Grandjean said…

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