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Gloversville and Johnstown: Fluoride issue affects water plan

Source: The Leader-Herald | April 6th, 2016 | By Michael Anich
Location: United States, New York

Fulton County wants Gloversville and Johnstown to resolve a fluoride issue before the county spends money on a $255,000 water-connection project involving the cities.

The project would benefit a planned regional business park.

… [County Planning Director] Mraz said C.T. Male’s evaluation of the city of Johnstown water system determined that in order to supply a large volume of water to the park, the city of Johnstown needs to acquire water from Gloversville.

… [Johnstown] Mayor Michael Julius, whose office said he won’t be available until Tuesday, has stated his city won’t accept Gloversville water because it has fluoride.

The Gloversville Water Board last summer discussed possibly ending water fluoridation in the city, in part due to two water deals in the works…

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