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Fluoride on the way for Crookwell water

Source: Crookwell Gazette | June 18th, 2008
Location: Australia

MOVES are now well under way for the introduction of sodium fluoride into the Crookwell water supply.

Mr. Luke Moloney, Upper Lachlan Shire Manager of Water and Sewer, reported to last week’s Council meeting that investigations had already started into the purchase and installation of Sodium Fluoride Saturation Plant for Crookwell.

This had followed a recommendation from the Water Supplies Advisory Committee of the State Department of Health that fluoride be introduced to the Crookwell system.

“It is understood the recommendation has been referred to the Director General of Health, and is scheduled to be gazetted within a month,” Mr. Moloney said.

He added that an existing shed could be used to house the prefabricated fluoridation plant.

“Savings offered by using this shed will allow for funds to be directed towards improving flow metering of the existing plant,” Mr. Moloney said.

A community awareness program would be undertaken.

Fluoridation is aimed at improving the dental health of the community.

The Department had also recommended that 2000 packages of toothpaste and tooth brushes be provided for children of the Shire each year for three years.

“The first delivery of these were received on May 28,” Mr. Moloney said.

“It is proposed to contact all Upper Lachlan Schools and have equivalent numbers distributed by the Schools on Council’s behalf.

“Packages will also be available from Council’s three offices (at Crookwell, Gunning and Taralga).”