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Letter: Fluoride poll needs to be a clear yes or no

Source: Port Macquarie News | By Anne Carrick
Posted on April 1st, 2021
Location: Australia

There is no way that the convoluted question for the community poll will make the community opinion clear.

The community is to be asked “Yes or no: would you prefer that council stop adding fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid) to the public water supply?”

In general conversation the discussion is whether ‘yes’ you are in favour of fluoridation in the water supply or ‘no’ you are not

But with this question to be asked of the community if you are in favour of fluoridation you need to vote ‘no’ and conversely if you are against fluoridation you need to vote ‘yes’.

To obtain a clear view of community opinion a simple question is needed eg. Are you in favour of fluoride in the public water supply? Yes or no.

Anne Carrick
Port Macquarie

*Original letter online at https://www.portnews.com.au/story/7193331/fluoride-poll-needs-to-be-a-clear-yes-or-no/