THERE was only a slow trickle of visitors when the Great Fluoride Debate reached Eastleigh.

Health chiefs staged the latest in their series of public drop-in events at the town’s Wells Centre.

Staff from South Central Strategic Health Authority were joined by anti-fluoride campaigners from the Green Party as Southampton City Primary Care Trust’s proposal to add extra fluoride to the tap water came under the microscope.

Eastleigh would receive fluoridated water under the proposals, alongside Totton, Millbrook, Shirley, Northam, Bitterne, Woolston, Netley, Portswood and St Denys. Kevin McNamara, from the SHA, said: “This is not about persuading people that fluoridation is a good idea – it’s just an opportunity to provide information.”

Green Party representative Dr Sarah Goode said: “I am concerned that the SHA is telling us fluoridation is safe, but there have been no studies to show it is safe for animals and the environment.

“The jury is also still out on the impact of fluoridation on human health. The SHA is basically planning to conduct an experiment on people’s health.”