Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Protest in Stroud

Source: Gloucestershire Citizen | April 9th, 2004
Location: United Kingdom, England

The Green Party is encouraging Stroud residents to make a stand against the proposed fluoridation of water supplies.

Almost 2,000 yellow postcards stating opposition to the process and addressed to Severn Trent have been handed out to local residents over the last few weeks. Green Party spokesperson Phillip Booth said: “To medicate people without their individual consent is a serious violation of human rights legislation. We want an assurance from water companies that they will not fluoridate. We are urging people to show the yellow card to Severn Trent.”

Water companies across the country insist that the amount of fluoride earmarked for inclusion in water supplies – a move aimed at preventing tooth decay – is well within recommended guidelines.

But James Christian, of the Safe Water Campaign for Stroud and District, said: “Water fluoridation is mass medication with untested, unlicensed chemicals.”