Re: “Anti-fluoridation billboards are misleading, irresponsible” (Viewpoint, 8-16 [sic, 8-7]).

Contrary to assertions by Drs. Janelle Guirguis-Blake and Chris Jones, the anti-fluoridation billboards in the Tacoma area are not misleading.

These billboards question whether children should be drinking a neurotoxic chemical. Guirguis-Blake and Jones don’t deny fluoride is neurotoxic. Nor could they. More than 40 studies have associated fluoride exposure to reduced IQ and more than 100 animal studies indicate fluoride damages the brain (see ).

Children from low-income families are targeted for fluoridation, but they are the last children that need their IQ lowered. This is too high a price to pay even if swallowing fluoride reduced tooth decay. However, a recent Cochrane Review indicates that the evidence fluoridation works is very poor.

Space does not allow us to respond to other pro-fluoridation arguments from Guirguis-Blake and Jones. However, we would be delighted to do so in open public debate if they would agree to participate.

Fluoridation is an outdated practice and should be ended. It is utterly irresponsible to add a known neurotoxic chemical to public drinking water.

Paul Connett
Binghampton, N.Y.

John Mishko

(Connett is director of the Fluoride Action Network. Chiropractor John Mishko is with Healthy Water Northwest.)