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Fluoride removal bothers water customer in SW Greene County

Source: KY3 (Springfield) | February 15th, 2017
Location: United States, Missouri

BATTLEFIELD, Mo. – Some people who live in and around Battlefield are concerned after Greene County Public Water Supply District Number 1 leaders revealed they plan to take fluoride out of its drinking water. They say it’s to save money but wouldn’t tell a reporter on Wednesday how much the savings would be.

The district sent a letter to residents about the decision this month. The water board chairman says they would rather spend the money on other things, and says fluoride is corrosive to the water system.

The letter is a 90-day notice. The change takes effect May 31.

One water customer says he’s concerned about the impact. Wayne Conti says he grew up without fluoride in his water and thinks it’s a necessity that shouldn’t be taken away.

“When they did put fluoride in the water, I was about 8 years old, and my cavities up ’til that time were really bad. I had six, maybe seven, cavities every six months. But, after the fluoride, the cavities went down to one or two and sometimes none,” said Conti.

The water district is telling people to talk to their dentists about other alternatives for keeping their teeth healthy.

Another water board meeting is in the works to talk about alternatives once fluoride is removed.

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