OPINION: The Government’s fluoride report is a rare acknowledgement to the evidence being presented to communities by concerned citizens and health professionals opposed to fluoridation (Secret Panel Claim in Fluoride Dispute (August 13).

Yet an ”authoritative report” fronted by Sir Peter Gluckman, compiled and reviewed by pro- fluoridation ”experts” is likely to be another whitewash.

Questions repeatedly put to them have not been addressed, such as why they assure the public there is no risk of harm but fail to mention that the toxicity limit for long-term ingestion of fluoride is being exceeded by large sections of our community.

Claims of large benefits to dental health are not supported by real life data.

It would appear the Government has had its arm twisted by some councillors who think their job is just to look after the pipes.

With no transparency or balanced input, this is an obvious attempt to shut the gate on information.

Fluoride Information Network for Dentists [FIND]

Notes from FAN:

Stan Litras, a Wellington dentist, is the founder of FIND (Fluoride Information Network for Dentists) which aims at independently and objectively assessing fluoride research. He was a member of the New Zealand Dental Association for 35 years until resigning recently over his differing opinions on fluoride.

• See article by Stan in the June 28, 2014, Rotorua Daily Post:  Dentist: The Case Against Fluoride