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Fluoride rinse: Delta Dental to visit Carpentersville school Sept. 25

Source: Daily Herald | September 19th, 2019 | Press Release: Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation
Location: United States, Illinois
Industry type: Delta Dental
Note from the Fluoride Action Network:
The most recent statistic from Illinois: the state’s drinking water systems are 98.5% on fluoridated.

As more than 2 million students strive for success both in and out of the classroom this fall, Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation is helping to ensure that tooth decay doesn’t get in the way of them performing their best.

Tooth Wizard and PlaqueMan will visit Parkview Elementary in Carpentersville at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25 as part of Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation’s popular Land of Smiles program. In this fun and interactive performance, the two costumed characters will teach kids the correct way to brush, floss and use fluoride rinse. They’ll also talk about the importance of choosing healthy foods and drinks, visiting the dentist regularly and having sealants applied.

Tooth decay can get in the way of students’ attendance, concentration and performance at school. Nearly 40% of Illinois elementary school children miss school because of cavities or other oral health problems.

A checkup with the dentist is required by law for Illinois students in kindergarten, second, sixth and ninth grade. But it’s also key for students to maintain good oral health habits — such as brushing twice a day and flossing daily — throughout the school year. Education provides the foundation for kids to establish a lifetime of good oral health.

Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation, the charitable arm of Delta Dental of Illinois, works to support and improve the oral health of people in Illinois, with a specific focus on children.

The foundation partners with school administrators and nurses to bring the free Land of Smiles program to Illinois elementary schools each spring and fall. The program has reached about 416,000 students at 861 Illinois elementary schools over the past 12 years. This year, it is reaching nearly 42,000 pre-kindergarten through third-grade students in 185 Illinois schools.