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Fluoride session fails

Source: The Standard (Warrnambool) | November 1st, 2007 | Bt SARAH SCOPELIANOS
Location: Australia

TWO Moyne Shire councillors are disappointed their questions about fluoride were not answered by government officials in a closed information session.

Bruce Couch and Jim Doukas, who represent communities where fluoride is about to be added to drinking water supplies, said the session had failed to give them a balanced view.

The session in Mortlake this week with two Department of Human Services representatives was held after councillors decided to defer implementing the shire’s health plan, which included the fluoridation of water supplies.

Cr Doukas, who represents the Koroit riding, said the officials simply dismissed the anti-fluoride lobby group’s views and failed to answer questions.

“The biggest disappointment was if they are so right why won’t they come out in public and talk with the public?’ Cr Doukas said.

Cr Couch, whose Hopkins-Childers riding covers a small part of Allansford, yesterday said councillors asked the two DHS representatives many questions at this week’s session.

The representatives declined to speak in public if the council decided there was enough interest to hold a forum on the issue.

Koroit riding councillor Ken Gale told The Standard he believed fluoridating the water would go ahead but it was important for the community to be informed.

Moyne Mayor Gerald Madden said he believed the department was well received by councillors.

Moyne’s move to defer the health plan and seek information is in contrast to neighbouring Warrnambool councillors who steered clear of the debate after public uproar over a perceived lack of consultation.