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Sheridan: Fluoride Survey Initial Response Promising, Return Date Approaching

Source: Sheridan Media | April 12th, 2019 | By Rustin Burr
Location: United States, Wyoming

The City of Sheridan mailed out a survey in March over 12,000 water customers on whether or not they would like the fluoridation of Sheridan’s water to continue. City Utilities Director Dan Roberts said that so far, they have had an almost 30% return rate.

Although a 100% return would be fantastic, Roberts said that a 30% return rate is in line with the national average. For those that have not yet returned their survey, Roberts explained that the due date is approaching.

According to Roberts, that regular council meeting will be the first time the city or the public will have a chance to hear the results.

*Original article online at https://www.sheridanmedia.com/news/fluoride-survey-initial-response-promising-return-date-approaching104902