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Fluoride tablet shortages in Australia

Source: Medical News Today | August 31st, 2004
Location: Australia

Difficulties have been reported by members of the Australian Dental Association as to the ability to buy fluoride supplement tablets from pharmacies. A short term shortage appears to have developed. It is understood, although not confirmed, that the shortage of fluoride tablets in pharmacies arises from manufacturing and supply difficulties and/or from Therapeutics Goods Administration requirements for their importation.

Colgate report that new supplies will arrive in Australia in mid-September and that their fluoride .25mg tablets will be back on shelf in October. They advise that demand has been especially heavy in recent months due to stock shortages by other suppliers.

Oral B report that due to a tightening of procedures by the TGA the supply of their fluoride products has been adversely affected. They are working to urgently resolve the issue. Their products are at this stage only unavailable and not discontinued. They are exploring all available options.

Australian Dental Association members will be advised of developments.