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Fluoride treatment plant stands defunct in Kolar taluk

Source: Deccan Herald | October 5th, 2012
Location: India

Over 40 villages deprived of potable water

A lack of maintenance by authorities has rendered a fluoride treatment plant in the Donimadugu Gram Panchayat area, defunct. The plant was set up with the assistance of the Central government funds to treat fluroide water and supply potable water to the villages. 

Rampant sinking of borewells in the villages has resulted in high fluoride content in the water.

There is an increase in complaints of flurosis and dental problems.The plant was installed eight years ago and maintained well for three years. However, severe expose to sun and rain, the plant is now in poor condition and not functioning. As a result, people in the taluk continue to get fluoridated water.

Repeated pleas to repair the plant to the authorities concerned have not yielded in any result, complained Rajappa, a resident of the village. Although the gram panchayat is blessed with Mushtrahalli reservoir just three kilometre away, there has been no proper facility to lift water from the reservoir.

This has forced the villagers to sink borewells to address their water needs.
The Central government had apppointed staff exclusively to maintain the plant. However, there has been no one to take care of the plant after it was handed over to the gram panchayat, allege village residents.

“I have not been assigned to ensure its maintenance,” said Gram Panchayat Development officer Somashekhar. Residents in border areas of Kamasamudra, Boodikote and Kysamaballi hobli are forced to drink fluoridated water.

Kamasamudra hobli’s Thoppanahalli, Balamunde, Donimadugu gram panchayat’s over 40 villages are suffering from fluoridated water.