Emails released by freedom-of-information  requests reveal a too-close relationship among members of the Centers for Disease Control’s Oral Health Division (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Pew Foundation. It appears they protect fluoridation while dismissing, insulting and marginalizing those who raise valid health concerns, reports New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc (NYSCOF).

Attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President says, “It’s interesting to learn how closely the ADA, CDC and Pew are monitoring what NYSCOF and other groups who oppose fluoridation are doing and writing instead of allowing us to attend their meetings or participate directly in their email discussions.”

Artificial fluoridation began in 1945, aimed at teeth, without considering how unnatural fluoride chemicals could affect other body functions or population subsets, e.g., minorities, kidney patients.

CDC says, “The safety and effectiveness of fluoride at levels used in community water fluoridation has been thoroughly documented…”

However, Pew’s William Maas, (former CDC Oral Health Division Director) admits “There is a lot of uncertainty,” regarding fluoride’s effects to kidney patients in a May 2011 email to ADA Director of Congressional Affairs, Judith Sherman, (a registered ADA lobbyist).

Cc’d is William Bailey, then acting Director of CDC’s Oral Health Division, who responds: “End stage renal disease may be another issue. Since the body excretes fluoride through the kidneys, it is reasonable to assume that people with end stage [renal] disease may experience a buildup of fluoride.”

Correspondence from CDC’s National Fluoridation Engineer, Kip Duchon, to ADA’s Fluoridation Manager, Jane McGinley, seems improper:

January 2010

“I thought I might clandestinely suggest to you that you might want to contact them [National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research] about posting an ADA fluoridation link on their pages since ADA is a partner to NIDCR…I would ask that you not indicate that you got this from me or CDC.”

September 2010

“…since you rank as a special friend with elevated consideration, I am sharing with you (confidentially, so don’t pass on to anyone without asking me first if you can) my most recent review of this information that I prepared for a ‘special’ and confidential use_ (wink-wink)…” (Attached was a document entitled EPA Report 09-15-lO.xls that wasn’t released in the FOIA)

Also seemingly improper is a 9/6/11 email from ADA’s lobbyist to CDC’s William Bailey offering to help the Surgeon General “develop a response” to fluoridation criticism.

Heavily blacked-out emails seem to attempt to quell civil rights leaders’ fluoridation opposition. Instead of warning minorities of their disproportionate harm, ADA tells then HHS Assistant Secretary of Health, Howard Koh,they fear the issue can potentially “gain traction.”

Beeber says, “When FluorideGate hearings begin, individuals, not organizations, will be placed under oath and the truth will come out. The public should be outraged that the CDC is collaborating with the politically-powerful, industry-funded ADA.”

FOIA Documents here

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