Fluorine chemical industry has been one of the fastest developing and most promising chemical industries in China. China had become one of the largest fluorine chemical production and consumption areas. Inorganic fluorides, refrigerant, organic-intermediates and fluor polymer are 4 main important sectors for China’s fluorine chemical industry.

China is rich in fluorite resource, but fluorite resource is over-exploited. Most China’s production of fluorine chemical concentrates in primary products and there are a high proportion of these primary products for export. The profit of China’s producers is slim and disorder competition and blind capacity expansion lead to low operating rate of many producers.

However, in past 10 years, Chinese government had been adopting a series of policies to protect the fluorite resource and promote the industry developing. In 2010, Chinese government listed fluorine Chemical industry plan as a sub-plan in Twelfth Five Years Plan. A series of polices in restriction of fluorite and hydrogen fluoride production has been put forward and integration of fluorite resource forcefully becomes the hot point in 2010. In 2010, Chinese government accelerates to upgrade of fluorine industry.

Fluorine chemical products are widely applied in many fields. In the period of 2005 to 2010, the main fluorine chemical products application such as household refrigerators, air conditioner, automobiles pharmaceutical industry, agrochemical industry and dyestuff industry, develop rapidly. And these applications would keep growing fast in the next few years in China. Chinese domestic demand for fluorine chemical is an important driven factor for China’s fluorine industry.

To figure out the detailed and accurate fluorine industry situation in China in the past five years and to make a forecast in the coming five years, the report includes:

– Fluorite supply situation and price trend

– Introduction to the fluorine industry chain in China

– Key factors influencing China’s fluorine industry

– Introduction to production and main application for four main sectors of China’s fluorine industry

– Key producers of fluorite and fluorides

– Technique route for synthesis of organic fluoride intermediates and fluor polymer

– IE situation of fluorite and fluoride

– The present and future commercial opportunities in this industry

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