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Formation and In Situ Treatment of High Fluoride Concentrations in Shallow Groundwater of a Semi-Arid Region: Jiaolai Basin, China

Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(21):8075.. | Authors: Gao Z, Shi M, Zhang H, Feng J, Fang S, Cui Y.
Posted on November 2nd, 2020
Location: China
Industry type: Water Treatment

Fluorine is an essential nutrient, and excessive or deficient fluoride contents in water can be harmful to human health. The shallow groundwater of the Jiaolai Basin, China has a high fluoride content. This study aimed to (1) investigate the processes responsible for the formation of shallow high-fluoride groundwater (SHFGW); (2) identify appropriate methods for in situ treatment of SHFGW. A field investigation into the formation of SHFGW was conducted, and the results of experiments using soils from high-fluoride areas were examined to investigate the leaching and migration of fluoride. The results showed that the formation of SHFGW in the Jiaolai Basin is due to long-term geological and evaporation processes in the region. Stratums around and inside the basin act as the source of fluoride whereas the terrain promotes groundwater convergence. The hydrodynamic and hydrochemical conditions resulting from slow groundwater flow along with high evaporation and low rainfall all contribute to the enrichment of fluoride in groundwater. In situ treatment of SHFGW may be an effective approach to manage high SHFGW in the Jiaolai Basin. Since soil fluoride in high-fluoride areas can leach into groundwater and migrate with runoff, the construction of ditches can shorten the runoff of shallow groundwater and accelerate groundwater loss, resulting in the loss of SHFGW from high-fluoride areas through river outflow. The groundwater level will be reduced, thereby lowering the influence of evaporation on fluoride enrichment in shallow groundwater. The results of this study can act a reference for further research on in situ treatment for high-fluoride groundwater. View Full-Text

Keywords: fluoride formation; groundwater; in situ treatment; Jiaolai basin

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*Full study online at http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/gao-2020.pdf