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Fort St. John: City investigating possible fluoride referendum

Source: EnergeticCity.ca | June 22nd, 2009

A Fort St. John woman is concerned about fluoride in the City’s drinking water.

Dorothy Folk presented a report to City Council on Monday, that outlined the impacts of fluoride in the City’s water supply.

She says fluoride is very poisonous and it can cause many health problems.

Folk says she has 12 hundred signatures from residents that agree with her.

City Manager Dianne Hunter says in order to remove fluoride from the drinking water, the City would have to hold a referendum. She says the last one happened sometime in the 1970’s, but it could be revisited.

Council directed City Staff to prepare a report on the process of a referendum to the next council meeting.

If Councilors decide, a referendum could once again be held to remove the chemical from Fort St. John’s drinking water supply.