Mayor Gitz has agreed to offer Dr. Murphy ( Expert on water fluoridation) 40 minutes to speak at the next Whole Council meeting. The head of the Depts will be there from the Water and Sewer Comm Board as well.

Mayor Gitz is familiar with the public concern in regard to water fluoridation and has agreed to assist in educating our community as well as his own board members. Please come and support our efforts, this is a big win for us to have the opportunity to get in front of our own.

Dr. Murphy will discuss how water fluoridation is compromising our health, and why it does not belong in our water supply. Our health starts with pure water.

Please come and support our ongoing effort to protect our future generations.

Old Crum and Forester Bldg, 524 W. Stephenson 3rd floor, 6:00pm Enter thru the back of the bldg and take the elevator upstairs.