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Carroll-Boone Water District. FROM THE EDITOR: Citizens United … against fluoride

Source: Lovely County Citizen | December 11th, 2014 | Editorial
Location: United States, Arkansas
Industry type: Delta Dental

Over the past two weeks, I have received calls, emails and letters from many of you who adamantly oppose the mandated fluoridation of water in the Carroll-Boone Water District, and subsequently, Eureka Springs.

I am new to the issue and at first was unsure about why exactly a whole community that tends to disagree on most things could unite to fight against fluoridation of its water. But, after researching, I have concluded that mandatory fluoridation of water in CBWD, Eureka Springs, Arkansas and anywhere in the U.S. is not only a bad idea, it violates our personal liberty.

We are not being given a choice about potentially harmful additives that go into a vital resource necessary to sustain life because our government has deemed that adding fluoride to our water supply benefits the greater good. Never mind that countless scientific studies show that using fluoride toothpaste without adding fluoride to the water supply seems to be enough to help prevent cavities. If the government is so concerned about the public’s dental health, why not provide low-to-no-cost preventative programs?

The current dental position is that a constant low level of fluoride in the mouth works best to prevent cavities. The operative words here are “low level.” From what I have uncovered so far, citizens in the CBWD are not being told the exact amount of fluoride that will be included in the water supply so they can determine whether it is indeed “low level.” Why not? What is clear is that water fluoridation can adversely affect more vulnerable populations such as those who suffer from autoimmune conditions and who may not be able to afford filtration equipment. Those people, especially, are not being given a choice about their health.

Worldwide, countries are opposing water fluoridation. On Aug. 26, Israel officially stopped adding fluoride to its water supplies, stating “Only some 1 percent of the water is used for drinking, while 99 percent of the water is intended for other uses such as industry, agriculture, and flushing toilets.”

In journalism, the first rule when examining such a complex issue is to follow the money. According to Charity Navigator, Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas is registered as a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. According to the Internal Revenue Service website, “organizations who engage in substantial lobbying activities sometimes are classified as social welfare organizations.”

The landmark Citizens United case opened the proverbial floodgates to allow social welfare organizations to funnel vast sums of money into “social welfare” or political action causes. So, if a corporation has a vested financial interest in fluoridating the public water supply, it can do so by creating a social welfare organization and use its financial might to ensure it happens.

So what can people who live in CBWD do to stop mandatory fluoridation of their water by an entity that has a vested financial interest in violating their personal liberty? You can stand against it by taking personal exemptions that require schools to give bottled water to your children. You can write your congressmen and governor. You can organize and see what successful action other communities have taken to stop fluoridation of the water supply. You can continue working with journalists to keep the conversation going in the media.

There is still time to stop fluoridation of the public’s water supply, but not much. Lawmakers need to listen to citizens of Eureka Springs and change legislation that requires water fluoridation. The citizens of Eureka Springs have spoken — it’s time for the government to listen. Say no to fluoridation of our drinking water supply and overturn legislation that mandates fluoridation of our drinking water.

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