ANTI-fluoride campaigners will stage a protest outside Barwon Water at noon tomorrow.

The protest is in honour of the late Norman Boyce, an elected water board member in the 1980s and 1990s who was a tireless fighter against fluoridation of Geelong’s water supply.

The fluoride debate heated up in December when a State Government booklet outlining the benefits of fluoride was delivered to Geelong households. The mail-out was seen as the opening shot in a new push to add fluoride. Tomorrow’s protest has been organised by the Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation, and will include delivery of signed letters of non-consent to fluoridation by Barwon Water customers.

The association has vowed to fight water fluoridation until a referendum is achieved, or the complete removal of the legislation that allows fluoridation.

Association spokesman Keith Oakley said the Geelong protest group had teamed up with similar bodies from Ballarat, Daylesford, Hamilton and Warrnambool to take united action on the issue.

Mr Oakley said Barwon Water had no moral or constitutional right to medically treat the community.

“It’s an appalling abuse of we water consumers,” he said.