Fluoridation is set for a low-key debut in the region, according to State Government.

A spokesperson for Health Minister Daniel Andrews said the Government had “no plans” for an official ceremony to mark the beginning of fluoridation on June 22.

Barwon Freedom from Fluoridation secretary David McRae accused the Government of “running for cover” rather than celebrating Geelong’s most-controversial public health initiative.

“Normally, when there’s a new government initiative you have the Premier, the relevant minister and all the local MPs lining up and smiling side by side,” he said.

“They’re all being very quiet about this one. Are they deeply embarrassed by it?

“Perhaps they’ve been caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare where they have a policy but at the same time they’ve become aware of its flaws.”

Association president Keith Oakley said the anti-fluoride campaign would continue after June 22.