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Gladstone council still considering fluoride issue

Source: CQ News (Central Queensland News) | May 15th, 2013
Location: Australia

GLADSTONE regional councillors are still deciding whether to keep fluoride in the local water supply, while in Rockhampton the council voted to remove it.

Gladstone councillors met in a private meeting on Monday to receive information about the pros and cons of fluoride in the water supply.

Information councillors received included notes from Queensland Health dentist Dr Michael Foley and fluoride critic association Queenslanders for Safe Water.

No future date has been set to further discuss the issue in Gladstone.

Meanwhile in Rockhampton, a barrage of anti-fluoride sentiment from the community convinced most councillors to vote on Tuesday to remove fluoride from the region’s water supply.

Rockhampton Regional Council is the 14th council to remove fluoride from its region’s water supply since the Queensland Government gave councils the option to take it out in December.

A number of councillors said they had received many letters and emails from people opposed to fluoridation.

Council also sought advice from Queensland Health and the Australian Dental Association.

Both health bodies encouraged the fluoridation of water.

But councillor Glenda Mather argued forcefully against the “mass medication” of public water supplies.

She spoke about concerns with fluoride causing dementia and fluorosis.

The only councillors who voted for fluoridation were Greg Belz, the chair of council’s water committee, and Bill Ludwig.