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Gladstone: No decision yet from the council on fluoride removal

Source: Central Telegraph | April 27th, 2013 | By Emily Kemp
Location: Australia

ANOTHER Queensland council has joined the growing list of those removing fluoride from their water supply but Gladstone Regional Council is still yet to make a decision on the controversial topic.

A meeting for this month has been pushed back to May and the council’s chief executive officer Stuart Randle said councillors have not yet reviewed the matter.

“It is too early to know when the final decision will be made,” he said.

“The pending meeting will help council chart a course for thorough scrutiny of the subject so an informed decision can be made.”

Gladstone first switched to fluoridated water in 2009 as part of a statewide health initiative by the then-ALP government. At the time, it cost the council $1.4million.

The Newman government reversed this, allowing councils the choice.

Fluoride is meant to decrease tooth decay but critics argue it is mass medicating the population and large amounts can be toxic.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council this week voted to no longer fluoridate their water supply for the city of Innisfail in Far North Queensland.

Meanwhile, the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation is calling for fluoridation of Aboriginal community water supplies.

Local Gladstone councillor Leo Neill-Ballantine will be called upon to vote for the future of fluoride in Gladstone.

“We’ve got tank and bore water and I’ve never been brought up on fluoride,” he said.

“I’m happy to go with whatever the majority want.”

Councillor views

  • Leo Neill-Ballantine – happy to go with public opinion
  • Ren Lanzon – wants to know the costs
  • Maxine Brushe – pro-fluoride but waiting on more information
  • Karen Porter – grew up with and supports fluoride but will support community’s opinion
  • Gail Sellers – waiting on council reports before stating a position
  • Col Chapman – pro-fluoride but wants to know more facts
  • Rick Hansen – yet to be convinced either way

*Matt Burnett and Graham McDonald were unable to be contacted.