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Global map project for arsenic and fluoride contaminated groundwater.

Source: ScienceDaily | September 17th, 2008
Location: International

EXCERPT from Drinking Water: The Need For Constant Innovation

… Taking precautions and identifying risks

… Risk identification of a quite different kind is the subject of the “Water Resource Quality” research project (WRQ). Worldwide, millions of people rely on groundwater contaminated with health-threatening arsenic or fluoride of natural (geogenic) origin. With the aid of geological data and computer modelling, Eawag researchers have produced global maps indicating areas with a high risk for the occurrence of arsenic- or fluoride -contaminated groundwater. This mapping procedure, which has also already been successfully applied on the regional scale, is a valuable instrument for authorities, aid organizations and water suppliers. The WRQ project also involves efforts to develop and test simple, low-cost treatment methods particularly suitable for use in developing countries.

– Adapted from materials provided by EAWAG: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.