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Gloversville considers removing fluoride

Source: The Leader-Herald | January 13th, 2016 | By Kerry Minor
Location: United States, New York

GLOVERSVILLE – The city Water Board is considering removing fluoride from the city’s water supply.

The Water Board is looking at the option because Johnstown, which was seeking Gloversville water service for a section of Johnstown, won’t allow fluoridated water.

Water Board President Stephen Mauro said the discussions about removing fluoride are preliminary, and no plans have been made at this point. He said any decision to remove fluoride would need to wait until the state comes out with a set of guidelines for doing so later this year…

Johnstown does not allow fluoride in its water supply. The city rejected it in a public vote in 1999.

Johnstown Mayor Michael Julius said the city would not change its laws to allow water with fluoride to be brought in. Julius suggested the city of Johnstown look at using reservoir water instead of bringing in fluoridated water…

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