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Gluckman covert review confirms fluoridation must end

Source: Press Release: FIND (Fluoride Information Network for Dentists) | August 24th, 2014 | By Dr. Stan Litras, BDS
Location: New Zealand

Most New Zealand children and many at risk adults are exceeding the upper toxic limits for chronic ingestion of fluoride (0.05 mg/kg body weight/day), fluoride crosses the placenta but it’s effects on the unborn child is unknown. The total fluoride intake at the individual level is unknown and uncontrolled.  The MOH considers it acceptable to continue drip feeding HFA, a class 6 toxin, to communities until it becomes obvious that harm is occurring.

These facts were acknowledged by the report, which nevertheless bizarrely concluded that fluoridation is completely safe for all people.

The somewhat  confused nature of the report, full of contradiction and unsupported statements, is an indication of how the panel of  pro-fluoride  experts must have struggled to put square pegs into round holes and reconcile the scientific facts with their pro-fluoride agenda.

An honest and fair review would have included a balanced panel of experts , as did the NRC review 2006, and been conducted with a transparent process.

The councils who called for the review may feel short-changed about this, but the  end result should leave them in no doubt as to why water fluoridation is rejected by 90% of the world and why it was banned in Israel just last week.

Fluoridationists are playing Russian roulette with people’s health.

Dr. Stan Litras BDS BSc

FIND (Fluoride Information Network for Dentists)