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Good News from Japan

Source: International Fluoride Information Network | March 21st, 2001
Location: Japan

Dear All,

This news just in from FAN member Tohru Murakami. Well done Tohru!

Paul Connett.


On 19th March, 2001 Town Assembly of Kanra-machi, Gunma Prefecture in Japan rejected the proposal of Fluoridation of their tap water. This is the first case of rejection of fluoridation since Ministry of Labor and Welfare decided the approval of Fluoridation in November 2000 with the concentration less than 0.8 ppm which is current contaminant level of fluoride in Japan.

Dr.Tohru Murakami DDS, Ph.D, had delivered series of lecture on hazardous effects of fluoride in complying to the local residents campaign at Kanra-machi.Till now, there is no community in Japan whose tap is fluoridated.

I hope we will get further victory all over the world.

With best wishes,

1-5-16 Kamikoide-machi,
3710037 Japan.

Tohru Murakami DDS,Ph.D.

E-mail: murakami@tecc.ne.jp , tomura@jcom.home.ne.jp