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Goondiwindi: A 0.4 percent rate rise to pay for fluoride

Source: Goondiwindi Argus | April 26th, 2011
Location: Australia

Putting fluoride in the water is compulsory and will cost $36,000 a year. While the State Government will pay for the infrastructure, Councils across Queensland are being hit with the ongoing treatment costs.

Cr. Scheu said it was just a “typical” example of cost-shifting from state to local Government since amalgamation. “It’s an extra half to one percent rate rise every time we get lumbered with these costs,” he said.

“I think we need to stand up and fight for our citizens,” Cr. Scheu said.

GRC has sent a letter to the State Government, saying GRC ratepayers have “reached the final straw” so far as rate rises go, and asking Queensland Health to fund the program. “I hope we mentioned that only two percent of Goondiwindi’s treated water is used for drinking,” said Cr. Rick MacDougall.

“Yes, we did,” said cr Scheu.