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Green Party bill to end fluoridation is non-negotiable, says Gormley

Source: The Irish Independent | Environment Correspondent
Posted on February 8th, 2002
Location: Ireland

A BILL to end the controversial practice of adding fluoride to public drinking water was published yesterday by the Green Party.

The fluoride ban will be a “non-negotiable” demand in Coalition negotiations after the general election, according to the party.

Green Party health spokesperson, John Gormley TD, blasted the Forum On Fluoridation set up by the Minister for Health as a “disgraceful waste of tax payers’ money”, alleging that the forum report due shortly would be a “white wash”.

Launching its private members bill to repeal “mandatory mass medication of the Irish population”, the Greens said many reports had linked fluoridation to health problems.

According to several international studies, cancer, hip fractures, osteoporosis, thyroid problems, neurological damage and irritable bowel syndrome are some of the risks associated with flouridation.

Mr Gormley also said the party had serious concerns about the use of fluoridated water in babies’ bottles.

“At the very least, the minister should put warnings on fluoridated toothpaste, as is the case in the US, and inform mothers not to use fluoridated water for baby formula,” Mr Gormley said.

The Greens’ also highlighted studies carried out in Ireland which show many people had an excess of fluoride, a toxic substance, in their systems.

Dr Don MacAuley, of the Irish Dentists Opposing Fluoridation group, said the group supported the Green Party bill. The practice of fluoridating water was unethical, unsafe and undemocratic, Dr MacAuley says.

He said the chemical fluoride added to Ireland’s drinking water supplies was a waste product of the fertiliser industry and should be banned.

He said fluoride intake had affected 40pc of teenagers in his practice. Problems included fluorosis, where teeth became stained or had improperly formed enamel.

“Most of this was caused by bottle feeds using fluoridated tap water,” he said.

A recent EPA report on water quality accused local authorities of regularly adding too much fluoride.