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Green tea or black tea: Which one should you choose?

Source: The Health Site | October 19th, 2019 | By Paras Hemrajani
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Note from the Fluoride Action Network
This writer knows little of the potential dangers of over-exposure to fluoride. Too much fluoride can lead to a lack of elasticity in the bone as well as the potential for bone fractures. We add this article for historical purposes only. (EC)


Black tea is better for bone strength

If you want to strengthen your bones and teeth, then you should drink black tea. Both green and black tea contain fluoride content to support your bone and teeth health, but black tea contains more. Fluoride is converted into hydroxyapatite by your body. This is a mineralised tissue from which teeth and bones are made. To further increase your fluoride content, you can make your black tea with tap water. A regular cup of black tea made with tap water contains about 0.9 milligrams of fluoride.

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