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Ground breaking UK fluoride documentary set to rock government plans

Source: NeonNettle.com | April 15th, 2015 | By Jack Murphy
Location: United Kingdom, England

An explosive new 50-minute documentary by Conscience Communications depicting Bedford citizens’ fight to keep fluoride out of the borough’s water supplies will launch on April 18th.

Through footage of live events and interviews with Fluoride Free Bedford’s co-ordinator, Cynthia Bagchi, and supporters, Toxic Tap Water provides an intimate snapshot of the campaign that has been operating largely beneath the public’s gaze since 2002.

Producer and director, Anna Bragga, says:

“Toxic Tap Water goes to the heart of Bedford’s battle against water fluoridation, bringing vivid sounds and imagery of the campaign into private living rooms for the first time.

“Although a low budget film, Toxic Tap Water packs a punch due to the emotive nature of the subject and the passion and commitment of campaigners. The film leaves the viewer with a clear sense of the highly political pro-fluoridation agenda but also a sense of the possible.”

Toxic Tap Water marks a milestone in the group’s 13-year history. Co-ordinator and spokesperson, Cynthia Bagchi, says:

“I wanted the work of Fluoride Free Bedford to be recorded, and I wanted a recording of the processes we were going through, to help us visualise how we were going forward and to prepare other localities and activists.

“I wanted this film to alert the whole of England. If other areas haven’t been engaging, I hope they’ll see what we are doing and be inspired. I hope the film will help activists and awaken those who are asleep, unaware of the tsunami approaching – the push for water fluoridation.

“I have always felt that people are not aware of how councils work. Even councillors don’t always understand about how the different committees work. I wanted to crack open the mysticism of councils and processes, so local people can feel more able to interact with them.

“What Anna’s done is beyond what I imagined. She’s managed to not just document events in a dry fashion, but make it really interesting, compelling. It’s been a revelation to watch.”

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