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VADODARA: Groundwater quality dips in city

Source: The Times of India | March 22nd, 2015 | By Bijin Jose
Location: India

VADODARA: With surface water becoming insufficient for consumption, ground water is the only option left to meet the city’s demand. However, a recent study suggests that the quality of ground water is degrading considerably.

The study by city-based hydrogeologist Dr Jayendra Lakhmapurkar says that the quality has gone below the bar. Around 150 wells were studied for the purpose.

“We divided the city in four zones based on the population distribution. The study will help in taking efforts towards maintaining and conserving ground water which is an essential element,” said Lakhmapurkar, who conducted the study under Gujarat Ecology Society.

Several areas in the city have groundwater with high fluoride content and total dissolved solids (TDS) in them. He said that water with high fluoride content leads to various medical conditions related to bones and teeth while TDS contamination can result in high blood pressure.

“The city needs to adapt a mechanism to recharge ground water and increase its quantity. Although, builders are aware of rainwater harvesting, no implementation has been done so far,” added Lakhmapurkar.

Fluoride contamination was found in the ground water in areas like Warasiya, Manjalpur, Waghodia, Kevdabaug, Karelibaug, Harni and Tarsali, while high TDS was found in areas like Chhani, Bapunagar, Karlibaug, Waghodia, Tarsali and Maneja. However, regions like Subhanpura, Gotri, Sama, Old City and Panigate area have good quality of ground water.