Calgarians for Kids’ Health released new information which it said shows that the majority of city council candidates favor fluoridation of water.

The grassroots group said that the result of extensive polling of candidates before and after the campaign show 64 per cent would like to see fluoride back in Calgary water.

Fluoridation in Calgary’s water has been a source of contention for decades.

The last time that it was reinstated was in 1999, only to be discontinued again in 2011.

There was a motion put forward to revisit the debate in 2016 but it was voted down.

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Calgarians for Kids’ Health is comprised of dental specialists, pediatricians and concerned citizens.

In a new release it said that fluoridation strengthens tooth structure, interrupts bacterial growth and repairs early decay.

The City of Calgary’s website said that fluoride still naturally occurs in the Bow and Elbow rivers and that most Canadians are exposed to fluoride daily through foods. ?

Calgarians for Kids’ Health said it will release the full results from its polling on October 14th.

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