Fluoride Action Network

Group submits fluoridation petitions in Hastings

Source: NBC News 5 KHAS-TV | August 8th, 2008 | By Adam Lefkoe
Location: United States, Nebraska

A group in Hastings said it has enough signatures to change some issues regarding Fluoridation on the November ballot. The group turned in two different petitions totaling close to 5,000 signatures.
That is about 800 more than needed.
The first petition is to change wording on the ballot.
The group wants to make sure it says fluoricistic acid – not just fluoride.
They also want people to vote on whether or not Hastings Utilities should be given tools to test water toxicity levels.

“The voters out there think the proponents of adding this fluoricistic acid are riding the wrong horse. They want good teeth, we want good teeth, we just think there is a better way to do it,” said Butch Hughes, Nebraskans for Safe Water.

The petitions are now in the hands of the Adams County Clerk’s Office.
It needs to verify the signatures.
Under a new state law towns with a thousand people or more, must fluoridate their water.
They can opt out but have to do so by June of 2010.