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Group Wants Fluoride Out Of Aiken’s Water

Source: WJBF-TV - ABC Channel 6 | April 3rd, 2009 | By Randy Key

Aiken, SC—An Aiken group wants something “clean”…their water.

The Citizens Alliance For Water Safety says flouride is added to the water without consent…they claim it can be harmful, especially to infants.

The group met Wednesday night to raise awareness and gain support.

But, Department of Health officials say flouride is added to help prevent cavities and other tooth problems. They say there’s overwhelming evidence that it helps more than it hurts.

Leslie Dack, Citizens Alliance For Water Safety: “It took 30 years for them to finally say for sure that cigarettes cause cancer. We now have much evidence that fluoride lowers IQ in infants, that it causes skeletal arthritis, it causes low thyroid, it causes stomach problems, and we need to get this information out.“

The group plans to get petitions signed and take their case to the Aiken County Council.