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Gunnedah campaign seeks fluoridation support

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | February 20th, 2009
Location: Australia

An education campaign is about to begin in Gunnedah to ask for community support to fluoridate the water supply.

The department of health is behind the move, which the council says it will consider once ratepayers have been consulted.

The department’s project manager, John Irving, says surveys reveal approval ratings for the move elsewhere in New South Wales at almost 90 per cent.

He says a dental health survey found communities that do not fluoridate their water supply have twice the level of tooth decay than those who do.

“Gunnedah has very poor oral health. A NSW child dental health survey which was conducted in 2007 revealed that unfluoridated rural communities, such as Gunnedah, had dental decay of at least twice the level of a fluoridated community,” he said.


NOTE: Gunnedah is situated in the heart of the Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia.