The Gympie Regional Council in south-east Queensland will today discuss whether fluoride should remain in the local water supply.

Fluoride will be removed from the Fraser Coast’s water supply at the end of the month because of high costs.

Today, the Gympie council will discuss whether to follow suit.

Fluoride costs $8,000 a year to maintain in Gympie and Mayor Ron Dyne says it is clear the health benefits outweigh the cost.

“I’ve seen the results from other towns where fluoride has been in the town’s water system for some time and I support the dental foundation that fluoride in the water is very good,” he said.

“The pro side of things is the health of teeth in individuals and certainly that’s supported by the State Government department and all of the dental organisations.”

Last year, the State Government granted local councils the power to make their own decision on fluoridation.