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Halton delays fluoride decision

Source: The Hamilton Spectator | November 19th, 2008 | By Rachel De Lazzer
Location: Canada, Ontario

Halton council says it needs more time before making a decision on whether or not to continue fluoridating the region’s water system.

“There’s no middle ground here on this issue and we need to take our time and deal with all the information appropriately,” said Oakville Councillor Jeff Knoll at the region’s council meeting this morning in Oakville.

The region decided it will hold a special workshop where council members will have an opportunity to discuss the issue and hear from delegates rather than hastily reviewing hefty, new information packages this morning and making a snap decision. In early December, the region’s health and social services committee will decide when this workshop will take place. Knoll says it could be as soon as January.

Halton Hills Councillor Clark Somerville said that while he came prepared to deal with the issue today, “my comfort level dropped when I saw the volume of material.” Somerville is the councillor who originally moved that fluoride be removed from the region’s drinking water.

Burlington Councillor Rick Goldring said he had never seen such a polarized issue.

Halton council chambers were packed with delegates wishing to speak to the issue this morning, most of them opposed to fluoride use. Many were disappointed they had travelled to the council meeting only to be told their presentations would be heard at a later date.