Fluoride Action Network

Hamilton: Ex Dental Association President Fronts Fluoridation Tribunal

Source: Press Release: Fluoride Action Network NZ (FANNZ) | May 21st, 2013
Location: New Zealand

Dr Andrew Harms, former president of the South Australian branch of the Australian Dental Association will be joining New Zealand doctors and dentists in a bid to inform Hamilton councillors of the need to stop adding harmful fluoride chemicals to the community water supply.

Dr Harms will be joined by local doctor Peter Scanlon and Whangarei dentist Lawrie Brett for the primary presentation.  Later in the Tribunal Dr Jane Beck, Dr Anna Goodwin, Dr Mike Godfrey and dentists John Jukes and David Smith will also testify to need for fluoridation to be ceased.

Over 130 people from all walks of life will be testifying at this Tribunal making it the largest and most comprehensive review of fluoridation ever undertaken in New Zealand.  These include Dr David Menkes, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Waikato Clinical School, Dr Robert Mann, retired Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry and Environmental Studies, Auckland University, Dr Ted Ninnes, Ph.D Sociology and Psychology University of Waikato, Dr Frank Rowson, BVetMed, retired vet from Matamata, Trustee for Physicians & Scientists for Global Responsibility and famous sporting celebrity rower from Hamilton – Rob Hamill, winner of World Championship silver and Commonwealth gold, all requesting fluoridation to be stopped.

Only 11 people have been confirmed to speak in support of fluoridation.

“We believe there is no way councillors can continue adding fluoride chemicals to our water supply in face of the overwhelming evidence they will be exposed to over the four days of hearings” says Pat McNair, Fluoride Free Hamilton spokesperson.

“After this, the cat will truly be out of the bag so we are asking councillors from the remaining fluoridating councils to take advantage of this opportunity and get themselves informed now rather than later”, says Fluoride Action Network spokesperson Mary Byrne.

The Hearings that will be live streamed on the Hamilton city council website.