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Hareon Solar to build 300MW solar cell plant in Taiwan

Source: PV-Tech | July 24th, 2013 | By Mark Osborne
Location: Taiwan
Industry type: Photovoltaics

A potential shift by Chinese PV manufacturers to avoid anti-dumping duties in the US and EU as well as in India has started with plans by Hareon Solar to build a 300MW solar cell plant in Taiwan.

The China-based company has signed an memorandum of understanding with Mascotte Holdings, which acquired polysilicon start-up, Sun Mass Energy, last year. Sun Mass Energy has yet to start production due to technical difficulties related to hydrofluoric acid recycling  facilities needed but is expected to start production at its 2,000MT plant later in 2013. Hareon Solar had previously expected to be a key customer of Sun Mass Energy.

Sun Mass Energy is using a proprietary ‘hydrogen-assist-reductive-combustion’ process for producing polysilicon, claimed to reduce costs to around US$12/kg.

Although detailed financial information was not disclosed, Mascotte is expected to provide land, buildings, capital expenditure, working capital, engineering, and operational staffing requirements as well as a cash investment of up to 10% towards the joint venture.