The city of Harrington began adding fluoride to its public water system Feb. 2 to comply with state law.

Under Senate Bill 173, passed in 1998, municipal water supplies must fluoridate their water. There is no established time frame for compliance.

According to city officials, Harrington’s entire municipal water system of 1,223 service connections will receive fluoridated water. The completed project, which began in Aug. 4, cost $110,800 and was funded by a grant from Delaware’s 21st Century Fund.

The city says it will monitor fluoride levels daily. The Office of Drinking Water will collect and test monthly samples from Harrington’s public water system.

Children in households receiving Harrington’s municipal water should discontinue fluoride supplements. However, households with home water treatments should consult the manufacturer to determine if their systems remove fluoride. If so, parents and their children’s pediatricians should discuss whether fluoride supplements are needed.