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Hawkes Bay: CHB Council considering adding flouride to Waipukurau water

Source: All About Hawkes Bay | November 18th, 2009 | By Robert Davids
Location: New Zealand

The Central Hawkes Bay District Council will continue to hear submissions tomorrow over the issue of adding fluoride into Waipukurau’s drinking water.

The council began hearing around 15 verbal submissions on the plan at a special meeting on Monday, and will continue with the meeting tomorrow.

The council is raising the issue again, as the fluoride dosing system at the Waipukurau water treatment plant needs replacing.

Mayor Trish Giddens says there was no consultation with the public when fluoridation began in 1979, as it was seen as an important health issue at the time.

Ms Giddens says with more awareness now, the council wants people to have their own say.