Fluoride Action Network

Health chief ‘bewildered’ on fluoride

Source: Warrnambool Standard | February 1st, 2008 | By Peter Collins
Location: Australia

VICTORIA’S chief health officer Dr John Carnie has promised to investigate new medical information on fluoridation given to him yesterday by Warrnambool campaigners.

Dr Carnie and four of his staff members gave 135 minutes to a deputation from the Warrnambool Fluoride Action Group which presented a variety of scientific data on the health risks of fluoridation.

“They looked with bewilderment at some of the new studies the doctors in our group were bringing out,” action group convener Peter Hulin said.

Dr Carnie said late last year a decision to force fluoridation on Warrnambool, Allansford and Koroit would not be changed.

His determination followed two public rallies attended by about 800 people.

Vern Robson, who chaired the rallies, said Dr Carnie gave a commitment that all the technical and medical references raised yesterday would be considered.

“He said he would give written replies in the next two to three weeks ,” Mr Robson said.

Adelaide dentist Dr Andrew Harms, who gave up a pro-fluoride view, and Warrnambool GPs Dr Natalie Ryan and Dr Brendan Kay were among the deputation.